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Black Widows

Black Widows

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OriginaltitelBlack Widows


Black Widows

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With a smile on their faces, Vanessa, Jacqueline, and Katia say good-bye to their husbands at the dock. The men get on a boat ready to take a ride, but a few minutes after casting off, an explosion makes them burst in front of their wives’ eyes. These women’s plan wasn’t flawless, but the result was just what they expected: They won’t have to put up with their unhappy lives next to those men any longer. They are now a trio of free women. Vanessa’s marriage was in a constant crisis since Julio started to get involved in some murky business; not only did he get used to cheating on her and lying, but he also had their son Diego and she living in permanent danger. Jackie quit smiling and was forced to live in fear day after day due to Lorenzo’s physical and psychological abuse; he stopped being her prince charm to become her worst nightmare, a violent man who completely

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Sista sändningsdatum2016-08-21
TV-statusReturning Series

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